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It's finals week, and what do I do instead of studying, I go to Blockbuster and rent all the movies that I've wanted to see but haven't. I know how to be productive.

Children of Men was wonderfully shot, but incredibly depressing, what would happen to the world if we couldn't hear the sound of children's laughter. I wasn't too sure about the ending but toward the end I was bawling over nothing in particular so it must have moved me in some way or another, or it was some serious PMS, one of the two.

We're still going strong in the playoffs, I'm incredibly conflicted about the end of the season, I'm going to miss all of the other interns but I have other things that I need to start spending my weekends doing. I have an interview to have a part time position with the team in the fall, we'll see how that goes.

I'm going to the Kentucky Derby next weekend with Sarah and a few of her I'll have to drive to Chicago and then we'll go to Kentucky. I'm excited, we always have a Derby party every year but to actually be there is going to be a blast. Her aunt lives like a mile or two from Churchill Downs so it'll be fun.

Where's JC's song, the add date is less than two weeks away now and You Ruined Me still isn't playing anywhere? What's up? Where's it at?
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