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So I'm heading out to the Kentucky Derby today, I'm really excited about it, I've been to Churchill Downs a few times but for opening days not the Derby. It's going to be a long day but it'll be worth it. I know that this thing tends to draw a lot of celebrities, but if they're not in the infield I'm probably not gonna see 'em. But I've heard that Joey and Kym are going to be there as well as Apolo/Julianne. And the Queen, I'd take Prince William over the Queen, oh well. I'll probably have a better shot of running into someone famous downtown when we go out on Friday night, with my luck the only person I'll see is Larry Birkhead. I'm actually more excited about the potential run in's I might have with some of my favorite sports casters/stations, all of my favorite sports shows always send out people to the Derby and the infield...Best Damn Sports Show, Mike & Mike will be there reporting live tomorrow...I want to meet them all!

I keep hearing and seeing stuff that indicates that this movie that JC is listed as being in actually exists. The cast has been updated (Kelly Carlson/Nip Tuck I love you!) and one of the cast members that's listed said in an interview that he would be starting filming Dead of Night in the near future. Is he actually going to be in this thing, I know there's a few people trying to convince everyone at JJB that anyone can make up this information and it'll be posted on IMDB, maybe that's true. I'm googling the movie daily to see if anything pops's sad when I'm more excited about the possibility of JC in a movie then I am hearing the music at this point, because I'm truly convinced we'll just never get the music. Downer, but oh well, I'm in a downish mood.

We're leading our playoff series 2-1, we need to win on Friday night (the first game I've missed all freaking season) in order to keep the stolen home ice. It'd be sweet if we make it to the finals, regardless I know I have at least one more game to work. Oddly enough the Red Wings are following the same path, they had a sweet win in OT last night...I watched maybe five minutes of the game and somehow managed to catch all three Red Wings goals, usually it's the other way around I'll watch 50 minutes of the game and the ten minutes I miss are the ten minutes that they score all the goals.

With the "new look" Red Wings I don't find myself as emotionally attached to them, but I think I've kind of disconnected myself from them because of their previous early playoff disappointments. But without Yzerman I don't have that gut wrenching feeling if they were to lose. That being said I still could never not love Zetterberg, Lidstrom, Draper, Maltby and Holmer. Tomas Holmstrom is the man, stick to the eye, eye swollen shut, stitches in the eyelid, give him a few games off slap on a visor and he'll get you a key goal in his first game back. He may still not be able to put a full coherent English sentence together (after being in the US for over ten years) but that's part of his charm.

Oh well, here's to meeting celeb's at the Derby. :)
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