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Where exactly has the summer gone? I was looking at the calendar today, attempting figure out my schedule for the next month and a half and it occurred to me that we're halfway into July. I don't like getting older, it seems like time passes so much faster. I don't even have a tan yet, that's just uncalled for, it's been gorgeous all summer...I may have to invest some time on the beach in the next couple weeks.

So I'm not going to the wedding in Jamaica...mainly because it's just way too much to spend on the trip when you're going to be down there for only like four days and I'm not even going to be in the resort where the wedding would be taking place. So the whole reason I'm going down there is to be with her since I was going to be in the wedding, but if I were to stay at Sandals (it's a couple's resort) I'd have to pay double for the room, because I'm a single. So it would cost me close to 2,000 dollars for a four day trip. I love her and I really really wish I could be there, but that's too much. So now I feel like I must over compensate for me not being there, so I want to get her a great gift, but I'm not sure what to get. What do you get a friend for their wedding, I'll do the whole registry thing but I want to get her something else too, something meaningful. I don't know what that is yet.

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Look at Christina's baby bump, she's even being nice and pointing it out for us. I hope she has a girl, I desperately wanted Britney to have a girl, but now I think that it was best she stuck to boys...can you imagine what her daughter would be wearing, lol. She still hasn't confirmed, but how can she deny it for much longer, it's pretty obvious.

The cottage is coming along, when I was up there last weekend we had two people come by to say they'd seen it from the lake on their boats and that it really stood out. I can imagine it does, there's a lot of new construction going on but none of the cottages are as close to the lake as ours are and it's a lot more isolated. My favorite part is the view from the second floor, it'll be awesome to wake up and see that view in the morning, I love the sunrise up there.

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